EMC Platform

EMC is an integrated and unified memory compiler and Standard cell development platform. It provides an environment and platform for all kinds of memory compiler and Standard cell library development. It has integrated modules for development and generation of all Backend, Timing and Frontend views and provides mechanism to plug-in users’ specific custom view generation. It uses a common database, common for all the views, to ensure consistency across the views like for example Library name, Version name, Instance name, Compiler Prefix, Technology Name, Instance name in GDS2, Spice, LEF, Liberty file name, Pin name, direction, width, property and case, selections of PVT and name mapping in liberty file and many such common attribute are ensured correct. It supports the following task and view generation.

  • Memory and Standard Cell Characterization
  • Memory and Standard Cell LEF generation
  • Memory and Standard Cell Data sheet generation
  • Memory Compiler's spice netlist stitching
  • Memory Compiler's GDS tiling
  • Memory Critical path modeling and simulations