EMC BE Platform

EMC platform provides compiler back-end designers, an integrated platform to write compiler code for automatic users' configuration based instance GDS2 generation from memory compiler leaf cell GDS2 library.

  • Technology independent code.
  • Generates instance gds2 from library gds2 file
  • Promotes pin from any hierarchical depth of the generated instance.
  • Build in decoder programming for gds2 and spice netlist generation
  • Power ring and routes creation
  • Blockage promotion from leaf cell to instance level
  • Provides following configurability at instance level few of them like:
    • Top level pin length and width
    • Pin spacing from boundary
    • Blockages, routes and power pins
    • Instance PR Boundary to leaf cell rules

Views Supported

  • GDS generation
  • Spice Netlist Generation
  • GDS to LEF Generation