Our Company

ZIA Semiconductor© has emerged as a growing Foundation IP development and service provider best known among customers for its quality, commitments and innovative solutions. We provide embedded memories of all kinds, standard cell and IO IP solutions and services in business model best suited to our customers.

Zia's robust IP development platform enables to develop IP with built in quality and reduce development cycle time and facilitates us to develop and groom IP development workforce to meet ever challenging customers peek requirements. We have redefined IP development services though our leadership and complete IP solution model, owning leadership and execution for customer’s IP development, in the model best suited to our customers. Our unique differentiators are our people's expertise, knowledge and commitments which makes us:

  • To stay ahead in providing product and services to our partners to make them remain leaders in their business
  • Train and groom best talents in IP development to meet customers’ complex Foundation IP needs
  • Commitment to quality to be made by all employees and as such is an integral part of our responsibilities