Our Organization

ZIA Semiconductor© is a conglomerate of highly skilled IP developers with varied skill sets needed for specification to silicon. We are engaged in providing services, product solutions and IP development platform solutions to enhance product development methodology, inbuilt quality and development cycle time reduction.

We have been providing high end memory development services to several of our customers, which include memory compiler development of high density, low power and ultra high speed memories operating in multi GHz range. We have qualification methodologies and integrated IP development platform for various processes in memory, IO and standard cell development process to reduce time to market of the products. Time and again the memory compilers and instances developed by us have seen silicon success in a wide range of technology nodes ranging from 0.35u to 20nm for an umpteen number of foundries . Most of the compilers developed by us have shown stable silicon yield in volume production. Read More »

Quality, our passion

Zia is committed to supplying products and services that fulfill the customer's Foundation IP requirements. The Company's commitment to quality is made by all our employees and as such is an integral part of our responsibilities.

We believe, our people are the cornerstone for achieving and maintaining Zia Semiconductor as quality oriented organization hence we work on our employee's training and development, ensuring them to have right knowledge and skills sets to produce best quality Foundation IP products. 

Our objectives are to furnish high quality products and services, on time, and at the best cost. The Quality System, an integral part of our organization, designed to enhance and perpetuate the reputation of the company as a trusted vendor when it comes to Foundation IP product and design services.